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Gary Chapman's wife Cynthia died September 24, 2015. Her Obituary. 

New Ontario estate taxes

Effective January 1, 2015 the Ontario "Estate administration tax" is charged on the total value of the deceased's estate. The total value of the estate is the value of all assets owned by the deceased at the time of death refers

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL - “Welcome, Councillor Hurlburt” was how Annapolis County municipal clerk, Carolyn Young, responded as the former town of Bridgetown mayor, Horace Hurlburt, was sworn in as an Annapolis County councillor at a special session of the council on April 1.

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The pre-Christmas "lunch with the ladies" is scheduled for December 10, 2014 at 12:30.

Turkey, tortiere, ham and the customary trimmings are planned.

(Other dietary preferences may be accommodated if we can alert the cook to your needs in advance.)  

Please send a message to David Smith  if you are able and intend to attend. This will enable the cook to plan his purchases  and arrange the tables.

The charge for the meal will be $15 this year. To avoid the confusion reported last year, tickets will be sold during the meet and greet period starting at 1130. The meal will be served at 1230. And remember, no ticket, no lunch!  

The bar will be open at 11:30 with soft drinks, wine and beer available.

Glenn Cameron has retired after 35 years of service.  


Please join me for a farewell lunch to show our appreciation on:  

Friday October 3rd, 2014 at  11:30am

Location: Heart and Crown, 67 Clarence Street Ottawa

Please drop by Sophia Pauser on D2 to sign his farewell card and to provide a contribution that will go towards a gift. For our colleagues at missions or currently retired from the Public Service, you can send an email to and we will include your personal note in a booklet to be presented to Glenn.

Jean Côté

Gordon Craig's sharp eyes detected the obituary for Eric Carter's youngest daughter Marie Lyn Carter in the Ottawa Citizen. It has been reposted here. with Eric's permission.  Condolences may also be mailed to Eric and Lynne Carter at 27 Crossing Bridge Crt  Stittsville ON K2S1S2.

From: Richard Kalla
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2014 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: 2014 Pacific Northwest CANDOER Luncheon

Here's a link to the CANDOER Blog page that posted a few photos from the event.  The text that was included with the photos was:
Pictures of the Pacific Northwest CANDOERs at their Spring 2014 Luncheon in Victoria, Canada were posted to the Picture Gallery! The pictures were taken by Phil Wold and Tom Gaither. The group picture did not include two of our Canadian counterparts, Leigh Shankland and his wife, because they left before the group picture was taken! The group picture did include one other Canadian, Guy Price!


From: Richard Kalla []
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 18:32
Subject: 2014 Pacific Northwest CANDOER Luncheon

Ladies and Gentlemen,  I got your names off of Bob Catlin's website for retired U.S. Foreign Service communicators.  I remembered a few years ago when he announced that a few Canadians were becoming members.

We have a small group of F.S. communications retirees out here on the U.S. west coast, mostly Washington and Oregon.  We meet twice a year for lunch somewhere on the west coast.  This spring we have decided to hold our luncheon in Victoria, B.C..

I understand that both of you are a long way from British Columbia, but I wondered if you knew of any Canadian communications retirees and their spouses in B.C. who might want to join us?  Currently, there are about 17 of us who plan to travel to Victoria.  We will be meeting for lunch on May 15 at noon.

I met at least one Canadian communicator from B.C. during my 33 year Foreign Service career.  He can't be the only one.

If you do happen to know of someone, I'd very much appreciate it if you could send me his/her contact information.  I apologize for troubling you with this, but it struck me that since we would be up in Canada, there might be a Canadian retiree or two who would like to join us.  Thank you.  Dick Kalla -  

From: Harper, Brian -CSNB
Sent: March-26-14 4:08 PM
Subject: Retirement Lunch for Kevin Johnston

To all,

Kevin Johnston is retiring after 39 years’ service.  Please join us at Peter Devine’s, next to the Heart and Crown, on Friday April 04 at 11:30 to give Kevin “A Grand Farewell”.


A tous,

Kevin Johnston prendra sa retraite après 30 ans de loyaux services. Joignez-vous à nous au Peter Devine’s, voisin du Heart and Crown, le Vendredi 04 Avril à 11 :30 pour lui souhaiter “A Grand Farewell”.

Pour confirmer votre presence, veuillez utilizer le bouton de vote..

Cordialement Vôtre.

Anne Kinsman, the daughter of Lee Kinsman and her late father Bill died February 25th. Here obituary is posted here. 

Al Couture reported on December 8th 2013: 

I celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. He was able to accomplish so much. I remember when working in Pretoria during the visit of PM Jean Chrétien which was cut short because of the death of the Queen mother; I was in the office with a call came in from Nelson asking if he could have a breakfast meeting with HIS PRIME MINISTER. It was of course shortly after he had received his honorary Canadian ...Citizenship and the Order of Canada. For such a distinguished person, he came across as such a man of the people. We saw him later entering the hotel, assuming for other meetings and he was without security or entourage. Which politician now a days has no entourage. Our prayers are with Nelson family and we respect his ideals and accomplishments.

24 October 2013

Two new "articles" have been added to the site with the gracious co-operation of David Smith and John Kruitof.

The CM is a collection of historic newsletters contributed by David Smith.

Kruithof's Corner  is the repository of research conducted by John Kruithof

Lou and Marg have listed their chateau! for details


Hello everyone,  

2013 Telecommunications Reunion

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and festive season and didn’t put on too much weight.  I guess it’s something we know is going to happen every year, and we love doing it. Now we have to pay the price! In my last email, I gave you all a heads up on the upcoming Reunion in September. Now, this email is a bit long, but I have a lot of information to pass on to you; so please bear with me.  

This Reunion is open to anyone who worked in or, had contact with the telecom division in Foreign Affairs such as clerks, secretaries, guards etc. And, if you have friends you would like to bring along, no problem.  

The Reunion will be held on Saturday, September 28th starting at 5 PM for drinks. The buffet style dinner will be at 7 PM. See attached menu. It will be held at the Hellenic Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Drive in Ottawa. That is the same place the 2000 and 2005 Reunions were held. It’s between Meadowlands Drive and Baseline Road, and has plenty of parking in the front, with an overflow parking lot in the rear. The tickets for the Reunion will be $50 per person. As in the 2010 Reunion, we will be having drinks on Friday, September 27th at 12 noon at the Vanier Legion, Eastview Branch 462, 294 Cyr Avenue in Vanier,(613) 749-7551 down stairs. If you would like lunch, it can be ordered from a menu. The Reunion registration does not cover this event on Friday.  

As in the 2010 Reunion, we will have door prizes and a jackpot. The jackpot tickets will be $5 for three tickets; which can be purchased at the registration desk just inside the main entrance to your right when you walk in. The last jackpot prize was over $400. A cash bar will be set up in the outside hallway as in the previous two Reunions. Wine for your dinner can also be purchased there.  

How to register for the Reunion  

1-Send an email to me advising that you are sending a cheque made out to

B.D. Thomas. Send your cheque to:

60 Kincardine Drive


Ontario K2V 1B2

2-Once I receive your cheque, I will send you a confirmation email.

3-You will then be added to the official list of Reunion attendees, and your name will then be checked off when you register at the event itself.

4-Upon registration, you will be given tickets for the door prizes. Do not lose them! Please register before going to the bar or, inside the banquet hall.

5-When you send your cheque, please include your personal information for the database i.e. full postal address, phone numbers, any other email addressees. This is the only way I can keep the database up-to-date. Many people do send new information to me, but unfortunately, many do not, thus the gaps in the database information.  

Note: To reiterate. You are officially registered when I receive your cheque, not before.  

To save banking costs, I am doing the same thing I did for the last Reunion. When I receive your cheque, I will deposit it into an account I have set aside just for the Reunion. All costs for the Reunion will be taken out of that account, i.e. door prizes, buffet payment to the Hellenic Centre and any other expenses. All revenues/expenses will be listed and be available for inspection.  

Almost finished! I had a lot of late registrations in the last Reunion. Whilst I recognize that it might be difficult for some of you to make an early commitment, I do ask that, if you have plans to attend, please register as early as possible. It is difficult to make concrete plans when I am not sure exactly how many are going to attend. Therefore, your early registration would be most appreciated. As well, if you do register, and find that you cannot attend at the last minute, I will give you a full refund; but please keep in mind that there is a point of no return when I have to give numbers to the Hellenic Centre. The cut-off date for refunds will be Monday, September 23rd.  

I will be sending out update emails from time to time, but if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email below.  

Barrie Thomas

60 Kincardine Drive

Kanata, Ontario K2V 1B2




Chef’s salad with carrots, red cabbage, radish and broccoli florets

Roasted potato salad with green onion cilantro and shredded carrots

Pasta salad with feta cheese black olives and red grapes

Hot buffet

Chicken Scaloppini

Beef Bourguignon

Bow tie pasta with bacon and caramelized onions

Seafood casserole consisting of shrimp, mussels, sole served in white wine sauce

Rice pilaf with carrots, onions, celery and red peppers infused with bay leaf and fresh herbs

Parissienne potatoes

Blend of seasonal vegetables


A variety of cakes

Assorted pastries

Fruit platter


Coffee, decaf or tea


Alcoholic beverages are not included with the meal, but can be ordered from the bar.


From: Morrow, Shaun 
Sent: September 7, 2012 2:59 PM
Alistair Dow Retirement Lunch
Alistair Dow is retiring next Friday September 14th, 2012.
Your are invited to celebrate his career:
Date:  Friday September 14th
Time:  11:30
Place:  Heart and Crown

The OFARTS have been invited to join in the Branch golf tournament Check for details here.

Roly just reported on Facebook:

I have just learned the sad news that my Mom passed away yesterday, Tuesday, May 29, 2012, after a brave and courageous struggle with a pervacive cancer. I will miss her dearly. Sadly I won't be able to attend her "celebration of life" as I am presently cycling across Canada with my partner Beverly. for Roly's Ramble

From: William NEELIN
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:51

I will be missing you for the next month as both Wendy and I are off touring, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia and Malaysia finally ending up at the 2012 World InterHash in Borobudur.
cheers all see you in June...


Daniel Demarce will  be joining us for lunch on March 21, 2012 before moving to Windsor Ontario and entering retirement this summer..

Come and join us at 1130. Smoked meat sandwiches will be featured. 
    Royal Canadian Legion
    Eastview Branch
    294 Cyr Avenue
    Ottawa, Canada

TechTalk has been added to to this site as a tool for exchanging ideas, achievements, comments and greetings. The old guestbook will be removed at the end of January if this new initiative proves successful. The guestbook has been attracting unwanted SPAM at ever increasing volumes. Mainly from Russia and China. Please leave a comment in Techtalk.

Suzanne Levesque, formerly of DFAIT, will be retiring from the Public Service/CBSA at the end of this month.

This coming Wednesday, November 9 2011Suzanne will be joining us at the Olde Farts for lunch and to reminisce with friends and colleagues over her many years at DFAIT.  Join us in celebrating her pending retirement. A card will be available for signatures/comments. A Smoked Meat Platter is on the menu. As always, hamburgers and sandwiches are also available.

Buck Arbuckle's daughter Karen Ann McKinna has donated Buck's home made wine to a further celebration of his life at Stillwater Creek on Wednesday October 5th, 2011 between 14:00 and 16:00. She invites all who knew Buck to join her and share their stories and enjoy his wine.

Buck Arbuckle died September 1, 2011. His obituary is posted here.

A service is planned to be held Wednesday September 7th at 10:00
Christ Church Bells Corners
3861 Richmond Road,
Nepean, Ontario K2H 5C1

Michele Trepanier will retire September 15th 2011. He will join us for lunch on September 14th.

Luncheon menus are now posted here.

Buck Arbuckle was readmitted to the Queensway Carleton Hospital on Friday 22 July 2011. He returned to his home circa August 5th.

Cindy McKeown contributed material for her Dad's obituary which is posted here.

James Graham, the eldest son of Lynn and the late Donald Graham died 13 July 2011. His obituary is posted here.

Hewitt (Hugh) Elliott died 11 June 2011. His obituary is posted here.

Raymond Bordeleau died 2 June 2011. His obituary is posted here.

Bob McCabe's son Steven has died. A service will be held Monday 30 May 2011. Steven's obituary is posted here.

From: Côté, Jean -AIS
Sent: March 8, 2011 2:16 PM
To: *AID-All staff/Tous les employés; *Mission LEITPs; *CST; OFARTS Canada
Retirement of Jacques Larose / Départ à la retraite de Jacques Larose

At the end of MarchJacques Larose will be retiring from the Public Service after 35 years of service.
Please join me in giving him a proper send-off and to celebrate his retirement on:
Thursday March 31st, 2011 at  11:30am
Heart and Crown, 67 Clarence Street
Please drop by Renée Beaudin's office in ATD on A1 to sign his farewell card and to provide a contribution that will go towards a gift. For our colleagues at missions or currently outside the LBP building or currently retired from the Public Service, you can send an email to and we will include your personal note in a booklet to be presented to Jacques.
Please RSVP your attendance by email to  Deadline for responses is FridayMarch 25, 2011.

From: Hines, Lissa -AIM
Sent: January 25, 2011 3:05 PM
Diane L'Ecuyer Retirement - Lunch

We would like you to know that as of Wednesday January 19, Diane L'Ecuyer has retired after 39 years and 10 months of service to DFAIT . We would like to thank Diane for almost 40 years of outstanding service to the department and in wishing her well as she prepares for retirement.  

Diane's Retirement Celebration Photos are but a click away.

We have begun to solicit donations to pay for the continued rental of server space for which is operated by HostUtopia in Vancouver British Columbia. 

Once again we are asking for $10 contributions so that we need only conduct a fund-raiser every 5 years. 

Contributions should be sent by cheque payable to: 

Raymond Fortin

P.O. Box 502
Embrum, Ontario, K0A-1W0

FYI. the site has been operating as OFARTS.CA since October 2006 when the domain name was acquired and registered for us by the AFFSC. We hope the AFFSC will again cover the domain name registration cost before it expires in October 2011. 

Raymond Fortin / Stan Fockner

Horace Hurlburt will be retiring from the Public Service after 37 years of service.

We gave him a proper send-off and celebrated his retirement on:

WednesdayOctober 20, 2010 at  11:30am
Heart and Crown, 67 Clarence Street

Please look at his retirement  photos.


Jean G. Côté
Executive Director | Directeur exécutif
Information Technology Client Support Division | Division du soutien à la clientèle en technologie de l'information
Telephone | Téléphone: 613-944-0753 
Facsimile | Télécopieur: 613-995-3087
125 Sussex Drive | 125 promenade Sussex
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0G2
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada | Affaires étrangères et Commerce international Canada
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

From: James Rogers  

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 10:53 AM
Subject: Marthe Rabbie
For those of you who knew Marthe Rabbie I was just speaking with Bill and found out that Marthe passed away on Wednesday September 7th the internment being held yesterday.  
The obit from is posted in the Obituary Section. 
Bill's contact info is :
William Rabbie,
RR 1
Tel: 613-399-1675             


Norma Arbuckle (wife of Buck) passed away 23 August 2010. A celebration of Norma's life for her dear friends will be held at the Stillwater Creek Retirement Home on September 13, 2010 from 2-4, 18 Robertson Road, Bells Corners.

From:  Bob & Winnie Davidson

Sent: Tuesday, August 03, 2010 12:40 PM

I have sad new regarding our son Rob. After an intense battle with his Stomach Cancer which Rob appeared to have under control. He was beginning to live somewhat of a normal life, Quite suddenly he showed some terrible symptoms that all was not well. The cancer had spread to the lining of his brain. He was suffering severe pain which the Doctors were fighting with powerful pain medicine. Rob passed away with Winnie, Shawn (his younger brother and Shawns son Fraser) by his side. I was suffering from a Low Blood Sugar reading and had to leave his side to go home and get some medication to counter the low reading. He is in a better place now and of course we miss him so much. Robs wife Carmen is grieving and her family is at her side.

Stan, would you be so kind as to pass on this info to the rest of the gang for us. I know some of them were visiting Moscow when Rob was visiting us. We are busy doing an obit at this time.

Best regards


From: Barrie Thomas 
Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:04
Subject: 2010 Telecom Reunion - Update

Hi Folks, 
Well, I wasn't going to send this update email out until early August, but numbers have dictated otherwise. We are now up to 99 registrations and around 35 to 40 for the drinks on Friday. These registrations are coming in much faster than I thought, thus this email. As of today, there are only 21 spots left for the Reunion. Therefore, if you intend to participate, I would suggest you get your registration in ASAP. I cannot guarantee a spot for you if we reach the 120 mark. I cannot guarantee your participation after that point.
Golf. If any of you want to golf, please get hold of Art Barrett at or, call him at 613-837-0765.
I will be away from this Friday, July 23rd until the following Friday, July 30th. If you want to contact me during this period, use my email address, as I will be checking my email from time to time. Another update will be sent out closer to the Reunion date regarding the Reunion details.

From: AFFSC Admin 

Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 12:27 PM
Subject: Passing of Ken Curry

Some very sad news, I have many fond memories of working with Ken and also remember how he loved his singing.

CURRY, Kenneth Robert Peacefully, surrounded by his family on June 22, 2010 at the age of 87. Beloved husband of Jo Curry (nee Empey). Loving father of Ken (Char), Jane (Martin Clarke) and Susan. Cherished grand-father of Erin and Russell and great-grandfather of Tyler . Predeceased by his brother Bill and his sister Jean Murray. Ken was a WWII Veteran proudly serving in the Air Force for 25 years followed by a career with External Affairs as a Communicator until his retirement. Ken's passion for singing led him to Barbershop Harmony and a 50 year relationship with the Capital City Chorus. Friends may call at the Garden Chapel of Tubman Funeral Homes, 3440 Richmond Road (between Baseline and Bayshore Dr.) on Sunday, June 27 from 1 to 3 p.m. Funeral Service will be held in the Chapel on Monday, June 28th at 11:30 a.m. Special thanks to the staff at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and Extendicare Medex for all the care they provided. In lieu of flowers, donations to Ontario District Harmonize for Speech Fund would be appreciated.

Obituary Link:

Guestbook Link:



There was a ground shaking event after our lunch on Wednesday. Check here for pictures of how it affected Lou Berube.

Arthur (Mac) McFarlane has passed away. His obituary is posted here.  

From: Barrie Thomas
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:44 PM
Subject: 2010 Telecom Reunion - Update

Hi folks,

It's been a few weeks since I sent out my email regarding the Reunion, and I must say that the response has been very very good. We are almost half full. That means there are around 60 places left for the Reunion on September 25th.
I would like to point out, that if you are planning to attend, then you should get your cheque in with your personal information ASAP. If you plan to come, but are holding off sending in your cheque, then it is possible that you may not be able to register. Once I reach the 120 limit, any other registrations/cheques I receive, will have to go on a standby list waiting for someone to cancel. In the last two reunions, we had a flurry of registrations in July and August. That may not work this time. You are not registered until I receive your cheque.
Don't forget that we are having drinks at the Vanier Legion on Friday, the 24th from 12 noon until around 5 PM. However, if people feel they would like to stay on, that is not a problem. Please make sure you let me know if you will be attending with or, without your spouse. So far, most people who are attending on Friday are leaving their spouses at home.
Another reminder that Art Barrett is arranging a round of golf for the 25th, and if you would like to play, send an email to Art at or, call him at 613-837-0765. I think Art would appreciate some notice on this, as he has to book a course and give them some numbers. And, as you golfers know, courses fill up quite quickly making it difficult to book for a large group. Especially on a Saturday.
If you need any more information, I can be reached at or, 613-248-1441.
Barrie Thomas

Bill Kinsman died at 9:00 PM Thursday April 15, 2010 in hospital of a pulmonary embolism.  His obituary is posted here.

John Dolan died Wednesday April 7, 2010. Check here for his obituary from the Ottawa Citizen.

From: Ray Hopton 
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 18:02
Subject: Don't pay the ransom - I ESCAPED !!!!!!!!!!! - update Ray's health

Hi guys. This is Ray. I was released from Kelowna General Hospital on Tuesday afternoon and am now enjoying home life. I have lots of exercises to do at home, plus I will return to KGH 1 or 2 times a week for more rehab as an out-patient. The weather has been great - lots of sun and mild days.
I want to thank everyone for all the kind messages you have sent since this ordeal started a couple of months ago. Karen visited me twice a day and brought copies of your messages. I'm sorry about the "group" message but it would take me forever to reply to each of you individually. My left side is still numb so my right hand has to do the work for both hands. I hope I get the feeling back soon but the good news is I can walk  without a walker. (I  can't run yet so Karen is still safe!  ). I guess I should count myself lucky. My father had a massive stroke in the late '80's and never did recover. He spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair and could barely talk. 
Anyway, more later. I'm really tickled to see so many old foreign service friends still remember me!! Thanks again!! 
And thanks to all Karen's line dancing friends at home and down south too for thinking of both of us!
All the best,
Ray (and the best caregiver/wife in the world, Karen)

David Balser has learned that Ray Hopton suffered a stroke in Palm Springs on December 23, 2009 and was evacuated to Kelowna. Ray's wife Karen has asked that his many friends in the EL and AS Community be informed of Ray's situation. Messages of encouragement can be addressed to

From: Barrie Thomas []
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:14 PM
Subject: Possible reunion for 2010

This email will be of interest to all former CM’s, EL’s, family members and  friends (any occupational group) of the Association of Former Foreign Service Communicators


  The New Year will mark our fifth year since the 2005 reunion in Ottawa.   Father Time reminds us the clock doesn’t stop ticking and in response to inquiries from former colleagues on the possibility of another reunion, your AFFSC Executive, agreed at a recent meeting to canvass everyone on the viability of another reunion in the fall of 2010. 

Before any commitments can be considered viz booking a suitable venue, we need to determine the level of interest and to that end, we are circulating this email for your views on this idea.

Your responses to the following questions would therefore be most appreciated whether they indicate a little, a lot, or no interest.

  Please address your response to Barrie Thomas at


1.      Would you and family members consider attending another reunion in the fall of 2010, most likely the 2nd or 3rd week of September?

2.      In your opinion, what sort of interest do you think there is in our CM/EL community for a reunion?

3.      What sort of activity would be of greatest interest i.e. Afternoon event, evening event, or a replica of the past two reunions (Friday night meet and greet with a Saturday night dinner/dance) or a Saturday afternoon drinks with dinner in the evening?

4.   The Reunion would also be open to other former co-workers,  ELs, Couriers, SCYs, CRs etc. 

4.      If you live outside Ontario, would you be willing to travel to Ottawa for a reunion?


Any comments you wish to offer would be most welcome as we consider another possible get-together and we thank you in advance for your participation.

Since we are not sure of the accuracy of the address list, please pass this on to whoever you think might be interested.

Your AFFSC Executive:

George McKeever, Barrie Thomas, Eleanor Ryan, David Smith, Howie Abbott

Donald Saunders, long a friend of OFARTS, died Friday December 18 2009. Obituary from the Ottawa Citizen

Bob Paquette will retire Friday, November 27th after 36 years of service to the Government of Canada.
We celebrated this retirement with a lunch on Thursday, November 26th at the Heart & Crown Pub (Mother McGinty's room) located in the Byward Market. Some photos are posted in the Retirement section on The Main Page or Here

There was an obituary noticed by Ray Fortin for Robert Wayling in the Ottawa Citizen last week. Several OFARTS have confirmed this was one of "our" Bobs. His obituary has been added to this site. Here.

July 1, 2009 - We have photos of Louis Cote working in his Belgrade restaurant. Here!


Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 3:26 PM
Subject: Photos of our trip  East
Most of these photos were taken in Kicking Horse Pass; it is hard to stop in most places but we hope to fill in this show with photos taken on our way back.
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 10:09 AM
Subject: RE:  Travel  Progress
We plan to be in Ottawa around the 26th; we celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary with Kevin, Joanne and the three grandkids on the 27th. We will be around Ottawa for a couple of weeks ... Sue wants to see Quebec city while we are in the area. Sue has a big family and that involves visits to Hawkesbury and around Ottawa. 
I will probably attend a meeting sometime after the 27th. 
Looking forward to seeing you and the gang.
From: Roly Mailloux  
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 10:31
Subject:  Roly's European Ramble 
This evening I was convinced that I should create and maintain a "blog" while cycling across France and England this summer. My adventure will begin on Saturday, May 23rd and finish on August 3rd.
If you are interested you can follow my adventure while I cycle from Bordeaux, France, to Calais cross over to Dover and cycle across England to South Shields at:
Best regards to all, Roly

From: sean flanigan
Subject: Re: Donny Butt
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:37:10 -0400

Donny will be laid to rest at 10am on April 22 at Pinecrest.
The plot is located in Section G, Lot 268N
Sean Flanigan
---Original Message-----
From: Renee.Beaudin at 
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 15:08
Farewell and Thank you to Dan Kenny// Au revoir et Merci à Dan Kenny

When: April 2, 2009 12:00 PM-1:30 PM 
Dan Kenny will retire after 35 years of exemplary service to the Government of Canada.
We will celebrate his retirement Thursday April 2, 2009 at 12:00

Heart and Crown 67 Clarence St. (ByWard Market)

I have a card at my desk (A1-149) and I will accept contributions for a gift.
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there!!
Renée Beaudin
AIT 996-2130

Lynn and her son James Graham joined the Old FARTS and their wives for lunch on January 21, 2009

The luncheon photos.

Dave Sanderson has contributed an new article article describing a memorable ad-hoc trip he took through Africa some years ago.

Donald Graham died suddenly November 17th 2008 in Ottawa at home at 1600.
Postal mail of condolence can be sent to his wife Lynn and family at::

34 Briston Private , Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 5P5

Or e-mailed to: for forwarding to his family.


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