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From: Moe and Donna Rainbow
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 15:04
Subject: Donna & Moe - say Hi - from our new home
Sorry for not writing sooner but Donna and I have been on the go since last fall. Donna is teaching up north and I received a new hip. Now I have had both hips done and am well on the way to a full recovery. Donna was in Halifax for the surgery and my initial recovery period but we felt I should not go north until the doctors gave the OK. We received that on April 02 and I arrived in Ivujivik Apr 11.

Donna is currently teaching grades 3 - 4 -5 in the English  program. 

We have put our Condo in Halifax up for sale and once it sells we will look for a place in Ottawa.  The travel time from Ivujivik to Ottawa is one day and the travel time from Ivujivik to Halifax is two days, so we have decided to move back to Ottawa. Also our two daughters will be moving to Eastern Ontario and Vermont, which are also an easy travel from Ottawa. We like Ottawa and planned to move back there someday anyway so why not now. 

Say hello to the guys when you see them at the weekly luncheon. I hope Don is feeling better.
All the best
Maurice & Donna 
(I am now  known as the boy friend of Donna the English Teacher )

Airport on Arrival

Ivujivik- Our home is on ground floor

Ivujivik Co-op, Store and Hotel - Moe with new hips.

Ivujivik School - Moe's "Girlfriend Donna the English Teacher"

Ivujivik Church

Ivujivik Shoreline - English Teacher Donna's Boyfriend

Ivujivik Village Hunter - Note the Polar Bear Skin


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