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John Kruithof's Corner


John Kruithof has offered the following documents relating to his personal and professional life.

A documented history of the quest for equality in External Affairs 1987/1993

AFFSC Diplomatic Status story by John Kruithof.pdf


CBS vs LES - John's continued struggle

John has also contributed six of his notes for presentations given to social, fraternal and church organizations in the Ottawa area.

2011-11-02 Manotick Speech final.pdf


Heerjansdam during the Second World War.pdf

Hong Kong Handover.pdf

Pearl River Delta Tour.pdf

Expanded story of Heerjansdam during the Second World War.pdf

A vigilant historian, John has tracked down and obtained permission to republish an article written by a namesake, not family-related, living in Australia.

WW II Timeline - The Netherlands - Illustrated.pdf



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