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"The AFFSC Communicator" Newsletters

The collection of AFFSC newsletters produced by David Smith between 2001 and 2012 with contributions from colleagues and friends is available below in Adobe pdf format.


Penultimate Newsletter - Spring 2012.pdf


Fall III Vol X 2010.pdf  

Summer 2010 Vol X Edition II .pdf

Spring edition I Vol X 2010.pdf


Winter 2009, Volume IX, Edition I.pdf

Fall 2009, Volume IX, Edition III.pdf

Spring 2009, Volume IX, Edition II.pdf


Winter 2008, Volume VIII, Edition I.pdf

Fall 2008, Volume VIII,edition III Word2007.pdf

Spring 2008, Volume VIII, Edition II.pdf


Fall 2007, Volume VII, Edition III.pdf

Summer 2007, Volume VII, Edition II.pdf

Spring 2007, Volume VII, Edition I.pdf


Fall 2006, Volume VI, Edition III.pdf

Summer 2006, Volume VI, Edition II.pdf

Spring 2006, Volume VI, Edition 1.pdf


Fall Reunion Newsletter Volume V, Edition II.pdf

Spring 2005, Volume V, Edition I.pdf


Fall 2004 Vol IV, Edition III.pdf

Summer 2004 Vol IV, Edition II.pdf

Spring 2004 Vol IV, Edition I.pdf


Fall 2003 Vol III Edition III.pdf

Spring 2003 Vol III Edition 1 Final.pdf

Summer 2003 Vol III Edition II.pdf


Fall 2002 Vol II Edition III.pdf

Summer 2002 Vol II Edition II.pdf

Spring 2002 Vol II Ed I.pdf


Fall 2001 Vol I Edition II.pdf

Spring 2001 Vol I Edition I.pdf

Where are they now?

Where are they now.pdf

50 years of Communications by Kurt Jensen - as published in Bout de Papier - as PDF.pdf


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