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Missing Links (To colleagues and friends)

We have lost track of the following colleagues and friends.

If you track them down, or have others you wish to find, please advise services (at)


Wayne Thorne (who went on to private enterprise)


   Keith Pugh


D. R. (Don)  Weatherall (He showed up in an e-mail on 09 June 2011. He will become 80 in July 2011.)

Dale J Lamothe (no computer) Found 6 December 2006 3493 Cardiff Pl Victoria, BC V8P 4Y9 (250) 598-5131
Bill Walker checked in January 15, 2007 Worked as a Tech in External from 70 to 73. Still remember most of the guy's mentioned on this site. His e-mail address has been added to the Address List.
Gerry Lemay (no computer) Found December 2007 at lunch


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