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Rodney D. Barton - 20 August 1943 - June 16, 2012

Barton, Rodney Dowman died June 16, 2012 after a valiant struggle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Judith Barton and his daughters Wendy (Graham) Adams and Patricia White. 

Rod was the Director of Barton Engineering and Export Ltd that manufactured, erected and maintained special protective facilities in many Canadian diplomatic missions and consulates. His product was superb and his team of tradesmen were well known and respected by OFARTS both on and off the job. Upon his retirement in 2003 Wendy and Graham took over the responsibility of running the company and are still developing and supplying the products Rodney produced.

Rod was a enthusiastic outdoorsman (fishing and fowl) a lover of animals (dogs) and became a nomad traveling extensively within England in his motor home with his wife Judith after his retirement.


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