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Family Photos

Family members and friends of Canadian Old Foreign Affairs Retired Technicians are invited to submit photos for this page.

Grandson Stephen, granddaughter Theresa alongside Suzanne (Terry) Hayes

Terry and Suzanne Hayes Wedding

Waiting Guests

Terry and Suzanne Hayes - 2012

 Leger Roy with daughters and Phil at his side 

From left to right, daughter Lorraine, who lives in California, daughter Natalie the bride, Leger and Phil.

Leger, Mary F, Phil, Stan F, our 4 daughters, Susan, Natalie, Lorraine and Anne in 1974.

The Grahams Christmas Day 2006

The following two came from Hewitt Elliott

This is a picture taken in Fergus when my Daughter was visiting from North Battleford Sask..I don't have a recent one of my family since they are out West and it is difficult to get them all together at one time.


My grand daughter, Ashley White, above is a dentist in Iqualuit Nunavut (Formerly Frobisher Bay) - Hewitt Elliott


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