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Canadian Diplomatic Communications Service

Directors and their Deputies (A history researched by David Smith)

Deputy Directors





Les O'Neill

Stan Daly 1946-?

Stan was a Section Head* under the Division of Supplies and Services, Department of External Affairs 

Stan later became "Head of Comcentre"

**  Stan's dates of service are unclear and required 

 Photo of Les O'Neill required

* The Communications Division was not formed until 1955 

  Joe Belanger ?-1955

Section Head under Division of Supplies and Services, Department of External Affairs

* Date unknown and required


Archie Matthews (O) 

Bill Lockhart 1956-66

Colonel W. Lockhart established the "traditional CDCS" Communications division in 1955 becoming its First Director , a period which lasted eleven years. He also formed the Diplomatic Courier Service

Prior to joining E.A., he was "DSIGS" with the CDN military DSIGS was a coveted slot in those days

His years with External were referred to as "The Lockhart Era" 

Joe Belanger (T) 

  Joe Belanger 1967-68

Did  not serve full year

Archie Matthews (O) 

Ted Warren 1968-73

Ted began his career as a communicator and advanced to the Directors position in 1968.

In 1973 he was asked to perform research work in the DG's office until he retired. 

Buck Arbuckle (T) 

Ted Warren (O) 

Archie Matthews 1973-75

Division was renamed Telecommunications to reflect its role. 

Canada introduced "Metrication" was introduced in 1974.

OCAMS began service November 1974

Buck Arbuckle (T) 

Danny Henderson (O) Photo Needed Buck Arbuckle 1975-82

Thurlow E. "Buck" Arbuckle was second only to W. Lockhart as the longest serving Director.  He has written a number of  historical documents outlining the history of Telecommunications in External/Foreign Affairs

John Dolan (O) retired in 1982 and was replaced by G. Happy

NOCAMS began service in 1978


John Dolan (O)
Gordon Happy (O)


Doug Woods (T) 


Clem Coulombe (T)
Gordon Happy (O)


Doug Woods 1983-86 

Doug served as the Acting Director from January 1 until January 27, 1983 when he was confirmed in the position. He filled the position until September 21, 1986. During this period Doug filled the DG position in an acting capacity for a brief period.  On September 22nd 1986, Doug was promoted and appointed to the DG position replacing Ken Wardroper. Doug remained as DG until September 1991 and his five years as DG may be a record as longest serving DG

Other points of interest

In 1983, the DG was Doug Small and the ADM was Gary Harmen.    In 1986, the ADM was Roger Marsham.

Bob Brill (O) replaced Gordon Happy (O) when he retired in 1985

Bob Brill (O)

Clem Coulombe (T)

Bernie Mongeon (O)
Marty Banville (O)

Art Barrett (T) 

Clem Coulombe  1986-91

 Clem was appointed to the Directors position in 1986. He became ill and was on long term disability leave from 1991 until his  retirement Jan 09, 1993..

Art Barrett was the Acting Director from 1988 until he was appointed to the position to 1991. Following handover to Larry Hatt, Art moved to the SIGNET Implementation office (STI).
Marty Banville (O)

Bob Brill (O) 
Ron Cooke (T)

Art Barrett (T) Larry Hatt 1991-94

Larry came to DFAIT from the Government Telecommunications Agency. Following 3 years as director of MST, he moved to MSE/STE from 1994-1996. From 1996 to April 1997, he headed the Information Resource Division as well as being the Project Leader for Signet Renewal.

Larry retired from DFAIT in June, 1997


Russ Scott (T)
Ron Cooke (T)
Bob Brill (O)

Bob Brill (O)

Paul Dunseath


Paul joined the department in 1978 as Director, Management Services Division and remained there until 1986 when he became Director, Information Systems.   In 1991 his title changed to "Director, Systems Development and Operations"  and remained that way until he retired in May of 1995.

Fred Snow (T)

Stan Fockner (T)

Eric Carter (T)

Pierre Laporte

 Bob Brill (O)

Art Barrett


Art is recognized as the last Director of the "Traditional" Telecommunications Division.   

NOCAMS was shut down on August 17, 1997. 

*Art continued to work as Director during the transition to SIGNET until after 2000 when he transferred to SXD. He retired in 2005


Dan Burns (T)

Peter Caldwell (T)


Divisional Secretaries

Lucille Breen (Pothier)

1956 - 1989

Lucy began her career classified as a communicator but never worked in communications. After being reclassified a CR, she was subsequently classified as a SCY. 

 The Colonel requested Lucille fill the position of  Divisional secretary, a job she did until 1989 serving with all but two Directors


Photo Credit: The TECHSEC Archive - Raymond Fortin.

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