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From: John Marsden
Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2007 17:52
Subject: Merry Christmas from Gods county
If you want, you can add a couple of my fishing and canoe pictures to the west coast file to show everybody that their is life after retirement.

April 18, 2007
Hello Stan,
Greetings, good to hear from you...I am still "ticking", just returned from a winter on the Texas Gulf coast....where it didn't snow, but we had just about everything else...rain the whole month of January, so bad that I swore that I fly over to Florida just to see the sun.....anyhow, at the moment we are in Osoyoos, BC awaiting spring in Alberta, plan to stay here until the end of the way the blossoms are out....still cold at night.

Raymond and I communicate on a regular basis, so I can keep current, and as well your bulletins of interest...Ray wants me to post some words and pictures of travels, so I may work up something of interest....
Anyone that is interested, can track my movements, using the Amateur Position Radio System(APRS)...this is a system, that relays my GPS position, to the internet, via 2 meter, ham radio.....
I have new email address for the address book
I have checked into the site...your handy work, is looking good...thanks for the effort!
Attached pictures are of Osoyoos....
Regards to Rick...
Doug Consul


Suzanne and Terry 19 Jan 2007 Nanaimo Luncheon


John 19 Jan 2007                                 Christine and Terry 19 Jan 2007 

"Lingering Snow"  Terry Hayes' Back Yard - Nanaimo B.C. January 2007

Captured one morning in November 2006 by David Balser from his home in Westbank B. C. after an unusual snowfall.

Marina-11Dec2006-1.JPG JM Victoria BC

Marina-11Dec2006-10.JPG JM Victoria BC

Marina-11Dec2006-44.JPG    JM Victoria BC

MARGOLETTA and Dan in port 15 May 2006

Dan in galley 15 May 2006

Terry and Dan



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