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Lunch Meeting

August 22, 2012

Cross-border shopping.

Barrie and his latest toy.

My Lord, how fast the time goes by!  Cookie did ribs and fries yesterday and they were delicious but a long time in getting on the table.  There was nearly a panic when Moe the Finger said there was only 1 rack of ribs left.  Thankfully, Moe the Finger was only a bit mistaken.  We all put it down to the lesser ability of our server that needed to re-learn his trade.
Congratulations to Barrie and Eve on their latest addition to their summer car family.  Barrie proudly showed off their new addition yesterday.  Looks mighty fine and Dad's pretty proud of the new addition. 
Lou squeaked in at 11:58 for yesterday's feast and managed to bylay some ribs and fries going back into the kitchen - much to the dismay of the hungier crowd that remained sitting.  Good for you, Lou!!  That Irish guy is something else when it comes to serving what is on the menu.
I had the good fortune to sit beside Ron Cooke yesterday and he and I discussed our daily walking habits.  He's out past Trim Road and has the warm fuzzies to meet all the neighbours and various pets during his am walks.  I was even more taken by his wife's daily activities - she is 79 and is into both line-dancing and Zumba-ing.  Just astounding!!  Good for her!  And good for Ron for his daily walks that range from 1/2 hour to 1.5 hours.
Jim is seeking a solution to setting up a bar-b-que on his back deck.  Stan offered up some useful info - I have forgotten which metal he advised on using.  See what happens when you don't de-brief within 24 hours!
Show and Tell:  Roly brought in Serbio and we all got to hold him.  Such a cutie!  Roly acquired him last year during his cycling trip thru Europe.  On their their trip across Canada, he and Bev visited the various Legions across Canada and attached the various ribbons and pins to Serbio.  On Wednesday, Roly was awarded a beautfiul ribbon from our Legion.
The subject of hearing aids came up. Hell's Bells - the cost is atrocious.  It's like my new eye lens - if I want to go without astigmasticm, I have to pay an extra 500 dlrs.  When it comes to hearing aids, that number goes up to $3000.  As Leonard Cohen sings, ring the bells!
What else?  Oh yes, Moe the Finger got home safe yesterday.  I walked him to his Condo door so he wasn't molested or disturbed. He thought he got home without the wagging finger, but guess who supplied that one.
Brian B. came and joined us.  I don't have his email address for it now falls to Stan to send this to him and send me his email address.  Brian - you are looking very summery and sporty.  I'm sure your wife loves it.
As usual, I sat beside Chuck - we spoke about his amazing ear operation that leaves his left ear without the need for a hearing aid.  Crikey. 
There was also a conversation about red bag procedures - I will not continue on that one except to say that they need freqeunt laundering - and so would you if you had been to al those queer places ))
This weekend promises to be over-warm - I shall stay inside my a/c old home.  It is heritaged-defined at this moment - tons of work and that's what keeps me too busy.  The first floor is 8"6" which makes even changing a light bulb a pain.
Action: Stan: please send this to Brian B and send his email address in reply. 
Cheers all!



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