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Lunch Meeting

Hi All,

We were an even number of 16 today - fantastic! I feel as if I haven't been at the Old Farts in a few months. That's what missing good company is all about!

Double celebration today! Ruth and Al are moving forward in their legal case on the OPP side. That is wonderful news! They generously treated us to our bar bills. You don't often see that kind of style any more and it was appreciated by all.

The other celebration? My son, Lewis, turned 22 today and as he only lives 2 blocks away, showed up 20 minutes late for our Thanksgiving lunch. I had promised the gang home-made lemon pie (sans meringue) but my honest and true recipe remains firmly hidden somewhere. India? Singapore? The substitute recipe turned out to be a disaster so I had to make a mad dash off to my local Loblaws and the baker rescued me by offering up an excellent Tiramisu cake (expresso cake, cream and a decadent chocolate finish! )

My son loved his birthday lunch and one of his gifts was a cookbook using some commercial products so that he can make a meal at home without all the hassle of special ingredients. And he loved the additional cash ))

Chuck's wife has already undergone her second cataract surgery! I am sure that she is going to love the results that will happen over the next few months. Already she is seeing colours again. Please, my friends, do not wait - life is short even if you live to be a 150 years old. God has given us the greatest paintings of nature - let us not waste them.

Forgive me for not adding much news as there was much buzz around the table about eye problems and their solutions. Plus, after having gotten such fantastic news from my 30-ish opthamologist this am, I was over the top of the world. My recovery is excellent at this point! And I have been very naughty about my drops and lying down. I just could not/not do that for 2 days!! (Fifty minutes on your stomach and 10 minutes up and around for five/five days.) Like, when do you make a meal? When do you eat? However, it is very serious surgery - nothing like the cataract surgery which is a snap! This is not because of the cataract surgery. This is not because of the cataract surgery.

I'm afraid I can't update anyone on what is happening with everyones' projects as I had a bit of a time to concentrate on cutting Lewis' cake - my depth vision has skipped town for a few months but I'm very happy to see better every day and guess what!!! NO MORE FLOATERS!!



Ruth and Al

Michel, Shirley and Maurice

Alain, Ronald, David

Lewis is 22 !

Shirley and Lewis


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