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Kevin Johnston - April 4, 2014

after 39 years service to Canada

at Peter Devineís, next to the Heart and Crown

with 70+ of his finest colleagues


Ode to the Hammer - by Michael Mowatt

Itís time for us to bid farewell, to our friend of many years

Weíll raise a glass to him today, and buy him many beers

With all the reprobates in tow, heíll end up at the Fax

Iím sure he wonít remember, as this train rolls off the tracks


He sits here at the table, with a smile on his face

Because he knows heís not at work, he knows heís run the race

Heís got no pass, nor Blackberry, to vibrate in his pants,

And with his new bionic hips, letís get him up to dance!


Kevís been known by many names, I bet you know a few

We called him Captain in the field, and we were all his crew

His middle name is Gilmour; at least thatís what I hear

But you can call him Mr. Johnston, as youíre handing him his beer


The latest name is Hammer, but Iím not sure what thatís for

Perhaps itís really ďhammeredĒ; Ďcause heís been like that before

Most of you donít know this, but I can tell you all with glee

The first nickname I heard he got, was Magnum Pee Wee


Kevin came to Tokyo, in his role as RTM

The visit went so very well, I'd do it all again

We headed to Roppongi, and danced upon the bar,

We bade farewell at 3am as he got into a car


The next day was appraisal time; we hadnít got it done,

As going out and drinking was priority number one,

I got to work first thing at 9, and just as you would know it

Kevin dragged his ass to work at noon and said "Bad judgement, Mowatt"


Letís say so long to Kevin, RTM extraordinaire

A techie and a diplomat; so suave and debonair

Raise your glass and down a toast to our colleague and our friend,

And weíll tell him to remember that itís the beginning not the end



Photo Credits Above: Jim Rogers Below: Ron Cooke

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